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ZabKab Passenger FAQ

Question 1. What does the ZabKab App do that other taxi apps don’t do?

Answer: ZabKab connects Passengers with Taxicab Drivers. The App extends the Passenger hail when Passengers don’t see cabs nearby, and when Drivers don’t see Passengers waiting. Using GPS technology, ZabKab transmits Passenger locations to Taxicab Drivers for more prompt pick up. For Passengers, this means getting where you want to go more quickly. For Taxicab Drivers, this means connecting with more fares, which means more money.

ZabKab offers greater options for Passengers when they hail a cab. Those who need wheelchair transportation can hail an accessible cab. Those who have a large number in their party can hail a cab for up to 6 people. Doormen and Concierges can send a unique hail, letting Drivers know there are customers needing a cab.


Question 2. Why should Passengers use ZabKab?

Answer: Pedestrians become Passengers by hailing a cab with just a tap of their App. There are many reasons people can’t afford to wait for a cab -- busy schedules, inclement weather, unsafe environments, and more. When there are no taxis in sight or when all nearby taxis are full, ZabKab lets Drivers know exactly when and where you need a cab. Doormen and Concierges can serve residents and patrons more efficiently, right from their front door.


Question 3. Are there different Apps for Passengers and Drivers, and how do they work?

Answer: Yes, there are different Apps: ZabKab and ZabKab Driver.

ZabKab for Passengers allows people to hail a cab whenever and wherever they need one, and to customize their hail for accessible and large-capacity cabs.

With one tap of their App, Passengers can hail a cab – with two taps they can customize their request. The App shows Passengers where ZabKab Drivers are located and which direction each cab is headed so they know where to connect with one.

ZabKab for Passengers is free to all users.

ZabKab Driver allows Taxicab Drivers to see where Passengers are hailing and whether they have a special request for service. Drivers can see when people meet another cab as each hail is automatically dismissed when Passengers travel more than 5 mph.

Drivers simply launch the App at the beginning of their shift and identify the kind of car they’re driving. The color, capacity, and accessibility of their cab is displayed for Passengers. Then ZabKab shows Drivers where the fares are!


Question 4. How much does the ZabKab App cost?

Answer:         The Passenger App is free to all Users, at all times, as often as they use it. There is no per-hail fee, no fee to customize a hail request, and no additional charges to the cab fare.


Question 5. What information do Users provide when they sign up?

Answer:         Passengers provide only an email address and a password when they create an account. This provides proof to ZabKab that Users are actual individuals with smartphones or iPads. ZabKab will not sell, transmit, or share User email addresses.


Question 6. Can I trust my information will be kept confidential?

Answer:          Yes. As a high quality service provider we understand and fully promote your confidentially. See our Privacy Policy. We will not contact you for any purpose except to alert you about updates or, on a very select basis, information that may be useful for you.


Question 7. How does ZabKab track mylocation?

Answer:         ZabKab uses GPS technology* through smartphones and iPads to relay only location information to connect Passengers with Taxicabs. Just as GPS can show building locations and traffic patterns, it can overlay pedestrian locations and individual cab movement. Location information is transmitted anonymously from Passenger-to-Drivers and from Driver-to-Passengers. ZabKab does not relay specific User location information to any other party.

* The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense, and made available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.


Question 8. What are the safety considerations?

Answer:    Passengers are advised to remain aware of their surroundings at all times, just as they would in any other situation. Be mindful of all people, vehicles, and obstacles in the vicinity, taking every precaution to protect all people and property.

Drivers are advised to follow all safe driving laws and their local taxicab regulations and federal regulations. ZabKab Driver is for use only when the cab is at a complete stop.


Question 9.    Will the ZabKab App be available outside of New York?

Answer:         Yes! ZabKab will be availably globally -- Passengers will be able to get on an airplane in New York, get off at another destination worldwide, and hail a cab with their ZabKab App!

Each location is different so rules, regulations, and applications may vary. The App roll-out will emerge in various cities as Users drive the market.


Question 10.   How can I contact a ZabKab representative to learn more?

Answer:          If you have questions that you don’t find answered here, you may reach us through our Support page. Your questions will be responded to promptly.


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